View the photos. of PAM at the October 2014 Maitland Art Festival.
View our Christmas 2014 concert.
  • Market Performers perform every Sunday at Lake Lily Park for the Maitland Farmers Market. This venue provides opportunities for a variety of talents from Maitland and its surrounding communities. M3 has performed for the Market since the event started at Quinn Strong Park in Maitland.
  • Maitland Symphony Orchestra puts on Spring and Holiday concerts at Maitland Presbyterian Church.  MSO is available for other special performances that have a large enough facility to accommodate the 90 or so volunteer musicians.
  • Maitland Poets and Writers (MPW) keeps the oral tradition of literature alive by providing opportunities for local literary authors to perform their work, offering our community the benefit of hearing literature out loud.
  • Maitland Stage Band (MSB) first formed in the summer of 2009. The band has performed at various events at Lake Lily and at the Maitland Civic Center.
  • PAM Cares  is a musical outreach program partnering with local care providers to put CD’s and DVD’s of PAM performances in the homes of citizens whom may not be able to come to the concert stage.


Bug Mug Street Band and Goldenseal

City125CCity125DThe Maitland Stage Band with Kari

The Performing Arts of Maitland is proud to be recognized as one of the first nonprofits in Central Florida to be totally transparent. You’ll be seeing a lot about a new knowledge base established by the Community Foundation of Central Florida to help donors and philanthropists validate the organizations they support. You can be among the first to visit and see everything from our management, governance, and programs to an in-depth look at our finances that is searchable and validated. The Community Foundation’s leadership believes this new site will allow local nonprofits more exposure to the community, new sources of funding and improved performance. To see our Portrait, click here . To search the knowledge base or share it with others, visit .
This umbrella organization is determined that the arts continue to play an integral role in helping the Maitland community establish and maintain its cultural identity. On this site you will find information on the Maitland Symphony Orchestra (MSO), the Maitland Farmers Market (M3), the Maitland Poets and Writers (MPW) the Maitland Stage Band (MSB) and PAMCares. Other groups that have been supported by PAM are the Maitland Youth Community Choir (MYcc), and the Resonance Maitland Handbell Ensemble (RMHE). Performing Arts of Maitland (PAM), became the City of Maitland’s 4th Cultural Partner in December 2006. City staff and community members assisted Jefferson S. Flowers, PAM’s founder, in obtaining 501(c)(3) status by donating their time and resources. With the City as the major funding contributor at this time, the goal is to have a focal point to join with our children and our neighbors to interact with on a human scale, to know each other and learn from each other. Musicians and performers of all ages share their talents and help bring the arts in their many varieties to this neighborhood, just minutes from downtown Orlando. PAM goals include partnering with the Maitland Civic Center “Venue on the Lake” in addition to the Art and History Museums of Maitland.

UA 26th Anniv Logo_4C_10.10.13
PAM wishes to acknowledge the generous support of United Arts of Central Florida. Each year, the Organizational“Performing Arts of Maitland is supported by United Arts of Central Florida, host of and the collaborative Campaign for the Arts.”

Play Welcome to Maitland®

This song about our city was written and performed by Joe Hughes, of Goldenseal with Junie Moon on vocals and Powerful Flowers on viola.

Maitland Symphony Orchestra News

MSO Holiday Concert Flywe 14

Rehearsals Resume on January 15

Last 2014 Performance

• December 14, 7:30 p.m. “Holiday Traditions” concert – click image on the left for details

View a video of the concert.
View photos from the concert.

Recent Performances

• October 25, 2014: Mead Botanical Garden night concert – click mp3s at the top of the page
• October 19, 2014 worship service at Maitland Presbyterian Church
• June 1, 2014 Night time concert, Sail Away – Listen to our June 1 concert.
Details about the program and our guest performer, Elena Ulyanova.
• Sunday, December 15, 2013: 7:30 p.m., Winter Dreams Christmas Concert at Maitland Presbyterian Church
Listen to the entire concert.

Maitland Stage Band News

  VenuMSB Veterans Day Poster 2014

Remaining 2014 Opportunities

• Join us for Monday night rehearsals 7 p.m. at the Maitland Civic Center-Venue on the Lake. Free music plus a cash bar. Off for the rest of the year. Check back in January.

Recent Performances

• 4 p.m. November 9 Veterans Day at Maitland Civic Center-Venue on the Lake. Click image for more information. Maitland Military Band is one of our aliases.
• 6 p.m. on June 6th at A&H Museums for the Opening Reception of the Battlefield exhibition-More information
• 8 p.m. October 3 at The Fall Maitland Rotary Art Festival• April 12 at 1 pm at The Spring Maitland Chamber of Commerce Art Festival
* A Havana Night was held September 13, 2013 at the Maitland Civic Center-Venue on the Lake
A concert and dance to benefit the Performing Arts of Maitland – The event featured the Maitland Stage Band with Miss Jacqueline Jones, Nanette Sweet, Mark Arnott Ballroom Dance & Music, and the ZaZa Cuban Diner. This was one of this year’s most exciting Maitland events.
• October Fall 2013 Maitland Art Festival with many Maitland Market Performers Photos from the October 2013 Maitland Art Festival
• Monday, October 21 at the Taste of Maitland

Don’t miss your chance to hear this great band!