Maitland Farmer’s Market

Performing Arts Matter sponsors local songwriters, singers and musicians every Sunday from 10 am to 1 pm at the Maitland Farmer’s Market on Independence Lane. This location is centrally located in Maitland’s downtown. Come by and check out the Maitland Farmer’s Market featuring music sponsored by PAM! Events for children are on the beautiful new City Hall grounds. Shopping and music is a great way to start off your week.

Food Trucks and other events are fun!

Maitland’s Civic Center Venue on Lake Lily often hosts events with local Food Trucks and live entertainment sponsored by Performing Arts Matter. Visitors come to taste awesome food, children dance to music and meet new friends. Check events at the newly renovated Venue on Lake Lily overlooking beautiful Lake Lily. PAM will be there! Contact Cheryl Anderson if you want to perform.

Culture Pop! Check Events for upcoming ones.

Friday January 16 Culture Pop! at the Maitland Art Center. Art and the Subconscious: Salvador Dali and Andre Smith. PAM was there! In May, the band was the Hindu Cowboys. I had seen this band once before at a Friends of the Philharmonic, Jeans and Jewels fundraiser. This was my first opportunity to sketch them. Terry planned to join me, but she was late, so I started sketching even as band members set up speakers and equipment. They played an assortment of originals and covers. My wife, Terry Thorspecken, arrived and spread open a blanket on the grass beside me. I was working in one of the larger Stillman & Birn sketchbooks, so it took a bit more time to splash down color washes. I managed to finish by the time the band finished their first set. Terry wasn’t in the mood to see any art, so I walked into the Maitland Art Center on my own. On display was student work all of which was of cropped in forced perspectives of home exteriors. The work was painterly and bold. Much of it was quite impressive so the teacher must have had a strong and definite premise. I then went across the street to the Mayan courtyard where there was a poetry reading. The lit page illuminated the poets face from below. Folding chairs were arranged in the courtyard and an audience of perhaps 20 people listened intently. The poet read about the irony of being called a “domestic partner”. The Hindu Cowboys began to play again. Terry was gone. I listened to several songs and then decided to leave.

Cheryl AndersonCulture&cocktails-poster2011

Cheryl Anderson “Blue’s Mama”

Cheryl Anderson (aka Blue’s Mama) has been performing in and around the Orlando area for the last 30 years or so. From Albany NY, she started off singing Rock and Roll as a teen, then moved on to perform at Disney for a while. After working at Disney, she hit the dance club scene and since then has run the gamut all the way from backing Jessica Simpson to being a worship team leader for the Maitland Presbyterian Church. An eclectic mix ! Cheryl often performs solo, with The Maj Band and also sings with a 9 piece dance band called The Standing Hamptons. For the past 15 years, she has hosted Open Mic Nights at Tom & Jerry’s, Keg & Cork, Brick and Fire, and more recently at Milan Italian Restaurant in Longwood. This puts Cheryl in the perfect position to help feature local singer/songwriters showcase their talent at our Farmer’s market every Sunday. For scheduling contact Cheryl @


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