• Market Performers perform every Sunday at the Maitland Farmers Market now on Independence Lane. This venue provides opportunities for a variety of talents from Maitland and its surrounding communities. M3 has performed for the Market since the event started at Quinn Strong Park in Maitland and around Lake Lily Park.
  • Maitland Symphony Orchestra puts on Spring and Holiday concerts at the Venue on Lake Lily-Maitland Civic Center.  Previously performing at the Maitland Presbyterian Church, creating DVD’s of concerts to distribute to home-bound residents.  MSO is available for other special performances that have a large enough facility to accommodate the 90 or so volunteer musicians.
  • Maitland Stage Band (MSB) full piece band performs at various events and art festivals at Lake Lily, Maitland Art Center, at the Venue on Lake Lily-Maitland Civic Center and the Blue Bamboo Center for the Arts in Winter Park.
  • Baroque Chamber Orchestra (BCO) a small orchestral group performing Baroque and beyond concerts at at the Venue on Lake Lily-Maitland Civic Center, Timucua in Orlando and the Blue Bamboo Center for the Arts in Winter Park
  • Creative Arts for Life (CAL) offers art instruction classes and celebration of performance.
  • PAM Cares  is a musical outreach program partnering with local care providers to bring small musical acts in the homes of citizens who are not able to come to the concert stage.


Watch our video. The end is great!


Bug Mug Street Band and Goldenseal

City125CCity125DThe Maitland Stage Band with Kari

Performing Arts Matter is proud to be recognized as one of the first nonprofits in Central Florida to be totally transparent. Review the knowledge base established by the Community Foundation of Central Florida to help donors and philanthropists validate the organizations they support. Visit and see everything from our management, governance, and programs to an in-depth look at our finances that is searchable and validated. The Community Foundation’s leadership believes this site will allow local nonprofits more exposure to the community, new sources of funding and improved performance.  To search the knowledge base or share it with others, visit www.cffound.org

This umbrella organization is determined that the arts continue to play an integral role in helping the Central Florida community establish and maintain its cultural identity. Groups supported by PAM are: Maitland Symphony Orchestra (MSO), Maitland Farmers Market (M3), Maitland Stage Band (MSB), Baroque Chamber Orchestra (BCO), Creative Arts for Life (CAL), PAMCares and recently added Orlando Contemporary Chamber Orchestra (OCCO). Other groups that have been supported by PAM are the Maitland Youth Community Choir (MYcc), Maitland Poets and Writers and the Resonance Maitland Handbell Ensemble (RMHE). Performing Arts of Maitland (PAM), became the City of Maitland’s 4th Cultural Partner in December 2006. City staff and community members assisted Jefferson S. Flowers, PAM’s founder, in obtaining 501(c)(3) status by donating their time and resources. With the City as the major funding contributor at this time, the goal is to have a focal point to join with our children and our neighbors to interact with on a human scale, to know each other and learn from each other. Musicians and performers of all ages share their talents and help bring the arts in their many varieties to this neighborhood, just minutes from downtown Orlando. PAM goals include partnering with the Maitland Civic Center “Venue on Lake Lily”. Performing Arts Matter!

Play Welcome to Maitland®

This song about our city was written and performed by Joe Hughes, of Goldenseal with Junie Moon on vocals and Powerful Flowers on viola.