• Jeff Flowers, President
  • Eric Mendez, MSO Conductor
  • Margaret Patten, MSO Emeritus Conductor
  • Cheryl Anderson, M3 Executive Director
  • Dale Burket, MSO Conductor
  • Laurie Rodriguez, Director of PAM Cares
  • Jim Foy, MSB Director
  • Lucy Medford, CAL Director
  • June Flowers, PAM Executive Director:

PAM Mission:

  • To provide an opportunity for community performing artists to perform in a quality environment; and
  • To teach both the technical and historical aspects of performance to such participants and their audiences; and
  • To perform repertoire for the benefit and enjoyment of audiences in the City of Maitland and elsewhere.

MSO Mission:

  • Provide orchestral performance opportunities for community volunteer musicians of all ages
  • To conduct performances which educate and enrich community audiences
  • To provide collaboration with other performing art mediums, i.e., acting, dancing, choral and handbell ringing
  • To provide educational outreach to our Audiences using innovation scripts and production
  • To provide opportunity for young community artists to grow as soloists or ensemble participants
  • To expand the opportunity for ensemble formation and performances within the community

M3 Mission:

  • Provide informal outdoor performance opportunities for community volunteer musicians of all ages
  • To conduct performances which enrich community audiences
  • To join with the Market Experience to create an ambience that allows community ties to be extended

MPW Mission:

  • Foster the growth of literary arts in Maitland and its surrounding communities
  • Shine a spotlight on established literary artists
  • Provide opportunities for the public to come and experience the joy of creative writing

MSB Mission:

  • Provide advanced stage band music to the widest possible audience
  • Promote the performing art of stage band performance by sponsoring community dances and performing opportunities
  • Help stage musicians develop their performance skills

MYcc Mission (2005-2008):

  • To bring together young people of diverse abilities that love to sing
  • To create an atmosphere of enthusiasm, caring, and challenge in rehearsal so that the talent of each singer is nurtured and developed
  • To teach a variety of music which will enrich each singer
  • To present programs in Maitland and surrounding areas which reflect the talents of our young people.

RHME Mission (2007-2008):

  • Provide advanced handbell music to the widest possible audience
  • Promote the art of handbell ringing through sponsoring and participating in workshops, tours and other educational and performing opportunities
  • Encourage handbell composers and arrangers to create works for advanced handbell choirs through commissions and other means
  • Help less experienced handbell musicians develop their ringing, directing and organizational skills